Marvellous 2019
July 20 & 21
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One of our most enduring and popular acts returns for Marvellous 2019!
Fronted by Stuart Brown, an amazing ball of energy who is simply Bryan Adams' doppelgänger both in appearance and uncannily close vocals, the band present a rip-roaring journey through a staggering catalogue of classic hits.

They never fail to entertain . . . simply the most likeable bunch of lads and great music!

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This is Europe's #1 BRYAN ADAMS TRIBUTE; formed in 1997 and based in the North East of England, their live performances can only be surpassed by the man himself. Their obvious enjoyment is immediately infectious and their shows are always filled with audience participation - so make sure you're in good voice on Sunday 21st July.

There's still time to get your 20% discounted Early Bird tickets, however they do make REALLY GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

More line up info coming your way soon!




A second chance for a discount right through until the end of March???

Yes indeed . . . you could of course wait until after the initial early bird period, at which time the available discount will be halved to 10% . . . but you don't wanna do that!! DO YOU?

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Grab your 20% discount now!

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