Marvellous 2019
July 20 & 21
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Another first for Marvellous 2019!
Saturday 20th July sees the fabulous CHICAGO BLUES BROTHERS SHOW take to the main stage.
This stunning extravaganza, featuring the greatest hits of Blues, Motown & Soul from both Blues Brothers movies will headline our Saturday show. Great music and a lot of laughs!

The show features classics from Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, The Temptations, James Brown and more - with a full production and a stonking band!

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The award-winning spectacular is Europe’s biggest and best-loved production of the Blues Brothers. The show is a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping musical mash-up, capturing the sound, energy and persona that propelled the film to a cult status that still thrills audiences worldwide today,

Infectious, dazzling, riotous, exuberant and spirited, the legacy of Jake and Elwood has been jump-started for a new generation with an energy that’s impossible to resist. The Chicago Blues Brothers are on a mission once again – in a high-energy, on-stage party you can’t afford to miss.
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There's still time to get your 20% discounted Early Bird tickets, however they do make REALLY GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

More line up info coming your way soon!




A second chance for a discount right through until the end of March???

Yes indeed . . . you could of course wait until after the initial early bird period, at which time the available discount will be halved to 10% . . . but you don't wanna do that!! DO YOU?

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Grab your 20% discount now!

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