Marvellous 2019
July 20 & 21
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You know us at Marvellous. You know how we always like to tease you, announcing our Festival Lineup slowly . . . one act at a time? Well this year's no exception. Just to encourage you to get those 20% off Early Bird tickets right now, we're letting this particular cat out of the bag!
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You only have to look at the images here to get the measure of just how good this show is going to be. But just in case you are in any doubt, you can check it out on YouTube - (just click on the orange title link)
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A second chance for a discount right through until the end of March???

Yes indeed . . . you could of course wait until after the initial early bird period, at which time the available discount will be halved to 10% . . . but you don't wanna do that!! DO YOU?

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Grab your 20% discount now!

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