Marvellous 2019
July 20 & 21
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Yes . . . the NUTTY SOUND returns to Marvellous for 2019.
Always firm crowd-pleasing favourites, One Step Behind cover all of the hits of that unstoppable Ska-Pop force that is the music of Madness. There's an infectious 'bouncing' thing that seems to happen when you introduce that beat into a gig happy family crowd . . . so GET READY TO BOUNCE!

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We've announced four acts so far, with tributes to Abba and Madness on Saturday 20th and Queen and Michael Jackson on Sunday 21st. There's still time to get your 20% discounted Early Bird tickets, however they do make REALLY GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

More line up info coming your way soon!




A second chance for a discount right through until the end of March???

Yes indeed . . . you could of course wait until after the initial early bird period, at which time the available discount will be halved to 10% . . . but you don't wanna do that!! DO YOU?

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Grab your 20% discount now!

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